Wedding and elopement photographer in New York City


Leyre Canizares offers inexpensive (cheap) wedding photography services in NYC while mantaining the highest standards of quality. As a result, you to document your elopement and wedding in style at a reasonable price. Therefore, your engagement day will always be remembered by natural and stylish wedding protraits of the ceremony. All the pictures will have an with especial focus on the emotional moments and the reactions of the groom, bride, family and friends.Certainly, Leyre Canizares offers the best elopement photography prices in New york city.

Wedding and Elopement

My work is to tell the unique story of your wedding; to immortalise every moment, even the small but very significant details, so you can remember them for years to come.

Food, flowers, make-up, the dress – all will be gone or never used again, except one thing: the photographs that will help you recall all the special moments on that day. Life goes by, people change and leave us, but you will always have these memories.

My style is natural, sincere, artistic; always looking to document the genuine emotions. I avoid fake poses and unnatural smiles and staged poses, unobtrusively shooting the spontaneous reactions while intervening as least as possible. My aim is for you to enjoy your day without any worry, with the tranquillity of mind that all the important moments are being captured.

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Weddings and Elopements start at $650 (3h).